Reading by Listening

A wide variety of FREE recorded books in many genres is available. Most titles are recorded by auditioned volunteer voices in our on-site recording studios. We offer:

  • 8,000+ adult, junior & children's titles
  • Some commercially recorded titles
  • Mostly cassettes, and some CD’s
  • Over 300 new titles are added each year! Items are mailed Free Matter For the Blind (home delivery is available for Santa Clara County clients)

Sight and Sound

Printed and audio books are lent together as a kit, allowing a sighted reader with a learning disability to follow along while listening

Mini-Library Programs

A Special Education Teacher may borrow 2 track tape players, headsets, splitters, and 10 to 40 audio books, some of which may be Sight and Sound kits. Materials are updated each month as desired by the teacher

Kid Cast Programs

  1. Elementary School Teachers incorporate the study of visual impairments into their cur-riculum
  2. Students practice reading books for 4-6 weeks
  3. They record the books for children in our studio
  4. Participants receive a Certificate of Appreciation, a book bag, and school supplies

Portable Media Players

Portable media players are now being used as audio players. Complete Sight & Sound book programs are included as well. Some of these are part of the Dr. Seuss collection