Meet The Team

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Nancy Consentino || Executive Director ||

Nancy oversees Books Aloud customer relations, volunteer coordination, library circulation & event planning. Nancy enjoys time with her husband, chidren & grandchildren. She loves gardening and reading, and her real passion is cooking and entertaining. Getting together with friends for lunch and shopping is always appreciated.

Executive Director, oversees the daily operations and circulation for clients. She trains and coordinates all of the many volunteers, which include individuals and school and community groups. As administrator of the Mini-Library Program, she works with teachers to continually foster the program to meet the needs of special education students. She also works with senior assisted living centers to accommodate the needs of their residents. She has been an Event Planner for many years and now chairs the Annual Gala.

Board Member since 2014


Clifford Meurer || Operations Manager ||

Clifford brings his background in Business Consulting, Technology & Life Coaching to help keep things running smoothly.

Operations Manager, has been a business consultant in Silicon Valley since 1978. His passion for helping individuals and businesses find their greatest service and efficiency drives him. Having owned and run many small businesses in his life gives him varied skills to make a difference wherever he applies himself. As a writer, public speaker and coach he is able to help further Books Aloud progress and purpose.

Board Member since 2014


John Leventon || Production Manager ||

John has been with Books Aloud for over 20 years. He enjoys running, hiking, music and adventure travel.

Production Manager, has been with Books Aloud for over 20 years. John has managed the production of hundreds of audio books.

Board Member since 2014


Edward J. Pansullo || Chairman of the Board

Ed came to Books Aloud as a volunteer narrator, and has narrated five books thus far. He is a long-time member of the West San Jose-Campbell Lion’s Club, the Campbell Chamber of Commerce, and is a lay reader at the Congregational Church of Campbell, United Church of Christ. Ed works as a travel agent and tour guide, and is President of Seven Seas Travel in Campbell.

Ed is also a member of the Screen Actors Guild, and has appeared in more than twenty feature films and many local stage productions. A proud U.S. Army veteran, Ed enjoys traveling, golf, bowling, and most sports.

Board Member since 2011


Steve Corelis || Board Member

Steve started reading for Books Aloud in 2008. As a life-time educator he knows the importance of making the written word available to all - whether blind or dyslexic, old or young, and he is proud to be a part of that effort. He has called the Bay Area home since 1945 and was raised in Santa Clara.

He has taught in the public school system, owned his own consulting business, and is currently an instructor at San Jose City College. He also stays active by cycling, doing community theater, gardening, and just for kicks, leading tours at the Winchester Mystery House! He has two daughters and nine grandchildren.

Board Member since 2016


Sharon Smith || Board Member

Sharon is a volunteer for Books Aloud focusing on the processing of new materials for clients. She has a B.S. in Education and an MBA focusing on Technical Management. Sharon enjoyed teaching the third grade for several years and continues to tutor elementary students needing additional help. She worked for 10 years at AlphaSmart, a company that made word- processing keyboards for the education and disabled markets.

Chasing solar eclipses around the world have given her a chance to enjoy her love of traveling. She also enjoys playing games with her grandchildren, quilting, hand smocking, machine embroidery and gardening.

Board Member since 2016


Barbara Ledwell || Board Member

Barbara began volunteering for Books Aloud after retiring from Micrographics as an Administrative Assistant for 50 years. She enjoys helping others and using her skills at Books Aloud, including assisting with circulation and various projects. Barbara lives in San Jose and is active in volunteering and gardening.

Board Member since 2016


Bobbie Davis || Board Member

Bobbie earned a BS Degree with double major in English and Secondary Education with double minor in Sociology and History. She taught junior high English, History and Journalism for eight years before taking leave to go to Vietnam as a Service Club Director for the Army Special Services. Upon returning to the States, she worked as the Office Manager for the substitute of Family Finances before accepting a job as the copy editor for Time -Life Books in New York. She eventually returned to California to work. When she married a widower with four daughters at home, she left the workforce to raise a family (which wound up including six daughters) and helping her husband manage two careers as a daytime rocket scientist at Lockheed and a nighttime square dance caller and writer of an international note service and books on square dance calling.

In addition to square dancing, Bobbie’s interests through the years have included working at sport car races, quilting, gardening, and of course, reading. She currently works with a group that teaches quilting to women for a domestic violence shelter, is active in four stitchery/quilting groups, and is a committee chairman in the garden club for Los Altos.

Board Member since 2016